“I love TSRC we get so much bang for our bucks, both in having wonderful instructors and a great lesson program, as well as terrific social events.  I have made many close friends through the club and it has truly enriched my life.”

Judy B., TSRC member

“Fun! where else can you participate in eventing camp, learn to cut cows, run barrels, ride a reining pattern, build confidence with trail obstacles, and improve your dressage rides?”

Linda G., TSRC member

“TSRC instructors are excellent. I learn a lot and I always feel like my horse improves. I especially appreciate the opportunity to take lessons in indoor arenas in winter. The summer camps for eventing have been a wonderful experience for me and my horse.”

Taryn P., TSRC Member

“It’s been a real privilege to work with such a devoted group of horse lovers.  Tri-State is a unique and wonderful organization!”

Judi Novak, Instructor

“Tri-state riding club provides diverse opportunities to improve riding skills through top notch lessons, learn about horse management through clinics, and most of all, find like minded supportive horse folks that are fun to ride and learn with.  There is always something new at Tri-state and something familiar.”

Diane H., TSRC Member and Webmaster

“Being a TSRC member has changed my life for the better!  Variety of lessons available every month, Riding camp in the summer, social events…. I can’t believe all we get to do and enjoy!”

Holly B. TSRC Memeber

“I’ve made so many great friends through this club, and my horses have learned so much through the lessons, clinics, and camps!”

Robyn H., TSRC Member and Officer

“TSRC gives me the opportunity to learn from first class instructors while sharing good times riding with friends.   We cheer each other on.  Doesn’t get much better than that.”

Elaine M., TSRC Member

“Tri-state Riding Club has provided me with an opportunity to try new things with my horse in a safe environment and at an affordable price. I always come away from a lesson having learned something new and have made lasting friendships in the process. I have been a member for over 15 years now and highly recommend TSRC to anyone who loves horses and wants to meet others who do as well. ”

Kathi W., TSRC Member

“I have the pleasure of giving instruction to just a wonderful group of riders from TSRC. It is such a joy to work with riders who work hard and have a real commitment to being better riders for their horse. There seems to be a real camaraderie with each other. I certainly have enjoyed the variety of talented horse and rider combinations and the real fun that this group has. I hope they enjoy the sessions as much as I really enjoy teaching them.”

Mary Flood, Dressage Instructor