2019 Tri-State Riding Club Crystal Crown

Judged Pleasure Ride (JPR) Saturday June 29th

Rules & Regulations

  • Entries post-marked or on-line registered by June 15 are $45 for adults (18 & over) and $20 for Juniors (17 & younger)
  • Entries the day of the event will be $60 for adults and $35 for Juniors
  • Cost includes lunch provided by TSRC
  • Juniors MUST be accompanied by a paying and riding adult
  • All horses brought onsite MUST have a Negative Coggins current through the date of the ride
  • All participants/riders MUST sign a TRISTATE RIDING CLUB
  • Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the event is canceled by TSRC

You may substitute a horse due to extenuating circumstances. If you know in advance that you will be making a horse change, please contact Talia Czapski at tsrc.jpr@gmail.com for approval and instructions.

• This event will only be cancelled if the weather or trail is considered hazardous. Final notice of any cancellation will be given via email by 8:00 pm on Friday, June 28, 2019. TSRC will also post information on their Facebook page and Website. Please check before leaving your barn.
• There will be ample grass parking for trailers. Please follow signs and parking attendant instructions upon arrival.
• No horses allowed at the Registration booth. Please make appropriate arrangements.
• No dogs allowed at this event.
• Horses known to kick MUST have a red tail ribbon. Green horses are encouraged to wear a green tail ribbon. Stallions MUST have prior permission and MUST be marked with a yellow ribbon on the tail and the head. Contact tsrc.jpr@gmail.com if you are bringing a Stallion.
• Due to liability, TSRC does not allow anyone to ride/walk the trail, participate in any obstacle, park their trailer on the grounds or wander the event grounds with a horse/animal that is not registered for the event.
• Lunch will be provided by TSRC to all participants and volunteers.
• Portable restrooms facilities will be available onsite.
• TSRC will provide bottled water for the riders. TSRC cannot guarantee access to hydrants, we highly recommend you bring water for your horse.

  • Please arrive at the Registration Booth at least 30 minutes prior to your ride time to check-in get your rider packet and instructions for the day.
  • If you arrive late, TSRC will do their best to get you onto the trail as soon as time allows.
  • DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes early to the starting gate.
  • Rider start times will begin at approximately 9:00 am. Riders will be notified in advance via email of their ride times. The ride times and any additional information or updates will be posted on Tri-States website as well.
  • Ride times will be on a “first registered” basis. If you need to change your ride time, please contact Talia Czapski at tsrc.jpr@gmail.com 48 hours prior to the event. Once your ride time has been assigned, please try to adhere to that time frame.
  • If planning to ride with a group, please contact Talia Czapski at tsrc.jpr@gmail.com for approval and appropriate ride times. Please note that groups will be limited to no more than 5 riders. TSRC does not guarantee that your group will be placed together or have consecutive rides times; however, TSRC will do their best to accommodate groups.
  • Due to TSRC insurance regulations, participants MUST wear an ATSM approved equestrian riding helmet while mounted.
  • Juniors must be accompanied by a paying/riding adult.
  • TSRC will be monitoring the conditions of the trail during the ride and reserves the right to “hold” riders at the start gate if there is a sufficient reason on the trail to do so.
  • Please use “good manners” while riding. Do not pass without permission. Do not ride up abruptly on other horses/riders. Do not attempt any obstacles that you feel is unsafe for you and your horse. You are responsible for yourself, your junior (if any) and your horse.
  • Riders may travel in a group if they so choose; however, TSRC would like to keep the groups to under 5. This will help keep the event moving at a good pace.
  • Obstacles must be negotiated one at a time by each horse/rider. Each horse/rider pair gets only 1 chance to complete the obstacle. Each obstacle will have a time limit.
  • Riders are to negotiate the obstacles one at a time. While we all want to encourage other riders, please refrain from coaching so each rider/horse pair can focus on their task. Anyone giving or receiving such assistance may be disqualified from the event.
  • If any horse/rider pair is disqualified for coaching an obstacle, they may continue to ride the trail but not engage in any further obstacles. Please note if the disqualification is due to unsportsmanlike conduct then the horse/rider must exit the grounds immediately. The Ride Organizer will be notified of all disqualifications. Only the Ride Organizer may dismiss a participant from the grounds.
  • Riders are free to “skip” any obstacles that they feel they and their horse are not prepared to complete safely.
  • Skipping an obstacle will result in a score of zero. Once the obstacle has been “skipped” the rider may not come back to ride obstacle. Skipping obstacles does not mean the rider is disqualified.
  • Please give the utmost respect to the landowners. Report any damage to the trails or to property. Please stay ON the marked trail, DO NOT go off the designated trail.
  • Please keep your horse under control. Ride at you and your horses’ level of safety.
  • If you need assistance, please see the Ride Organizer at the Registration Booth.
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct whether verbal or physical towards judges, event volunteers, other participants or any horse will result in loss of points and WILL BE grounds for immediate disqualification from the competition and possibly immediate removal from the property. The Ride Organizer will be notified of all disqualifications. Only the Ride Organizer may dismiss a participant from the grounds.
  • Should a rider be dismissed from the property for unsportsmanlike conduct, the rider agrees to forfeit all entry fees.

• Riders will be awarded 0-10 points per obstacle. Rider/horse will receive 1 point for an attempt at the obstacle, but only if the horse “engages” the obstacle. A flat-out refusal may warrant a zero but will be at the discretion of the Obstacle Judge.
• Each obstacle will have 1 Judge and 1 Assistant. The Assistant will read the instructions to the rider. Questions “may” be asked; however, due to fairness to all participants, the Assistant will limit their answers accordingly.
• Points will be deducted for exceeding the obstacle time limit. Judges will receive prior instructions in the event of this situation.
• Riders will receive their final score on the obstacle from the Judge via a score card. The decision of the Judge is FINAL.